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Barnstormers Theatre
Grants Pass, Oregon
Minutes for Barnstormer’s Board Meeting: April 2012
Called to order : 6:10pm

In attendance: Eric, Hyla, David, Judie, Tamara, Tyler, Adelle, Sig, Lynn, Cathy, Susan, Geneva & Tanya, Pat arrived late, Christina was excused.

Minutes: Eric amended that with the Education committee, he may have made it sound like they were closer to having the summer showcase in order than they are.

Motion to approve minutes, Hyla, 2nd- Adelle. All in favor. Minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Adelle. Copies available upon request. Rolling over CDs.

AC Report: David. David reported that at the last AC meeting it was discussed and wanted to let us know that the AC feels very strongly about the slate that they put together and would look at a largely negative vote as a vote of no confidence. David detailed the advantages of performing the two “world premier” shows that are being proposed. Discussion on slate.

Geneva moves to accept slate of plays, Hyla 2nds, 8 people yes, 0 nos, 1 abstain. Slate passes.

Gala: Judie. Gala is fine. Office is fine.

Education Committee: Eric. He met with Russ Lloyd about his ideas on what new directors would need for the Summer Showcase. His idea was that the “student” director be able to only focus on directing, not the whole production of a show. Still looking at slate of plays and it is looking like sometime in August for the Showcase.

Manager’s Report: Susan. Estimate about $12,000 to upgrade septic from Frank available upon request. Discussion. Issue doesn’t need an answer immediately and stays on the table for future discussions.

Email Postcards went out today instead of a newsletter. Free and Fast!! Discussion on e-mail vs hard copy.

Tanya makes the motion to adjourn, Cathy 2nd. Meeting adjourns at 7:40pm
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