Someone Save My Baby Ruth

Someone Save My Baby, Ruth! Or Foil that Villain! (Melodrama)

Auditions are May 20 & 21 at Brighton Academy at 6:30
Rehearsals begin May 28. Performance dates are July 26,27,Aug 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10 at 7:30 and July 28, Aug 4 & 11 at 2:00

When lovely young widow Penny Candy and her baby, Ruth, are taken in by her Aunt Praline, owner of The Sweet Shoppe candy store little does Penny know both love and danger lie ahead. The villainous Sidney Swindle is determined to buy The Sweet Shoppe as part of his plan to sell the property to the city for America’s first Subway System. Should Praline refuse his offer, Sidney is prepared to do away with her and her heirs in order to obtain the land at public action! With the help of his beautiful but less than brilliant cohort in crime, Ada Sourball, the villain sets his evil scheme in motion.


Ernest Noble 25-35 A
Noble police officer with the heart of gold. Upright and honest, respectable, and falls in love with Penny at first sight.

Sidney Swindle 30-50
A scheming villain who has a liking for flair but isn’t happy with his sidekick, Ada.

Penny Candy 18-25
A sweet mother who’s recently been widowed. Attentive to her child, she loves her Mom’s Candy Shop and Noble police officer at first sight.

Ada Sourball 18-35
A ditzy but occasionally intelligent sidekick to the villain. She likes to think she’s evil, but really can’t do anything worse than squash bugs (and sometimes she messes that up too).

Praline Candy 45-60
The mother of Penny and the owner of her own candy shop, which she is fiercely defensive of. She runs her shop well and handles her two argumentative candy chefs with a steady hand.

Farron Heit 25-50
A slightly grouchy candy chef who is very proud of his candy inventions. He and his co-candy chef Cindy of the candy shop argue a lot and seem to dislike each other, but beneath his bluster he’s actually fond of Cindy.

Cindy Grade 25-50
Another grouchy candy chef who is always arguing with Farron.

Taffy 20-30
A young clerk who works at Praline’s Shop. Her and her best friend Toffee are best friends and giggle at everything. She admires Tom but constantly teases him.

Toffee 20-30
The second young clerk who works at Praline’s Candy Shop. She also has an admirer, Hubert, whom she also teases.

Hubert 20-30
A customer of Praline, and admirer of Taffy. He’s constantly asking Taffy to go out with him.

Tom 20-30
Another customer of Praline, and admirer of Toffee. He is always with Hubert bugging the girls to go out with him.

Mrs. Murphy 40ish
A faithful customer of Praline’s who spend way too much money at the shop. She brings her daughter Minne in with her almost every day. Very helpful and supportive of Praline and Penny.

Minnie 8-12
The daughter of Mrs. Murphy. She loves coming into the shop and also plays a large part when things go crazy.


LostBoyClip2Lost Boy by Ronald Gabreil Paolilo
Directed by Amelia Caldwell
June 17 & 18 with callbacks June 19 at 6:00 at Barnstormers Theatre

Despite finding fame as a writer, James M. Barrie is dissatisfied with his work and his life. He returns to his hometown in Scotland to visit his mother, who still blames him for the long-ago death of his older brother in a skating pond. Haunted by the tragic accident and his mother's harsh words, James slowly begins to confront his family's tragic past with the help of an unexpected friendship and his own gift for storytelling.
This wonderful retelling of the birth of Peter Pan will warm the hearts of audiences everywhere who remember the magic and mystery of The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up.

Runs September 5th-22nd.
10 Males, 6-70 years. 8 Females, 13-80 years.

Character Descriptions:

James M. Barrie - Present
Main Character. Male, 40-50 in appearance. 317 lines.
An incredible role for a male actor. A very difficult part, James is in almost every single scene and spends little time off-stage. J. M. Barrie was a well known playwright in London, England, but always felt out of place and unhappy. We see great change in our main character over the arch of the show. A quiet, pensive, imaginative man; James was known to be short, unattractive, and a whimsical individual with a great talent for writing. He will speak with a slight Scottish accent, but years of living in London has diluted it.

Davey Barrie/Peter Pan - Past/Neverland
Main character. Male, 13-18 in appearance. 197 lines.
James’s brother Davey drowned when he was only 14 years old, in an ice skating accident that James’s mother still blames him for to this day. Davey was full of the promise and vivacity of youth: Energetic, top of his class, a noted athlete already, and handsome. He is the inspiration for the story of Peter Pan, and James has brief conversations with him throughout the show as he confronts his past. The double-casting as Peter is intentional, and though Davey is a lovely role, it is Peter who is the meat of this role. Be prepared for some acrobatic type moments and the challenge of playing 2 characters. Davey should speak with a Scottish accent, but Peter will not.

Maureen O’Rourke - Present
Main character. Female, 30-40 in appearance. 150 lines.
The wife of Sean O’Rourke, and mother of five. She does love her husband, and he does love her, but it’s clear their romantic relationship ended a long time ago and they are together purely out of habit and for the sake of their children. Though Maureen describes herself as a simple, common woman, there is something about her that draws James in and sets her apart as a remarkable woman. She speaks with a Scottish accent.

The Old Crow - Neverland
Supporting character. Male, 20-70 in voice. 95 lines.
The father figure of Peter, he is the leader of the Fairies in Neverland though not a fairy himself. An old crow with no other name, he is full of wisdom and guidance for Peter as he grows, helping to mold him into the legend we know him to be today. The role is easy in terms of on-stage time and is almost entirely sitting. This role will be heavily costumed, so this should be taken into consideration if the actor is not comfortable with face makeup and other accessories.

Margaret Ogilvy Barrie - Present
Supporting character. Female, 60-80 in appearance. 93 lines.
Simply called “Mother” in the script, she is the mother of James and Davey. This is perhaps one of the most challenging roles in the play, due to the high emotions. A strong, hardworking woman, her husband left many a year ago leaving her to raise her two boys alone. It should be played delicately, for she is not the villain of our story, and the audience should feel her pain and regret in every word. She speaks with a rough Scottish accent.

Tinker Bell - Neverland
Supporting character. Female, 10-18 in appearance. 68 lines.
Our classic Tinker Bell is as she has ever been; headstrong, impertinent, jealous, and wild. She is Peter’s unwilling companion, but as their friendship develops over time they become extremely loyal to each other. The Tinker Bell role is surprisingly meaty, as she accompanies Peter on his first visit to Neverland. Peter saves her life, knowing that the cost will be that he can never return to the Fairies, sealing their lifelong friendship.

Sean O’Rourke - Present
Supporting character. Male, 40-50 in appearance. 42 lines.
Sean owns and runs the Blue Dolphin Pub. He bullied the much smaller James when he was little, but when James returns home and they meet again as adults he is friendly, and sorry for his past actions. He is perhaps a drunk, and is most certainly having multiple affairs with women in the town, but other than this does not seem a bad sort; simply a man who has had no choice but to live the life laid out for him. He is the husband of Maureen. He should be loud, crass, outgoing, and speaks in a rough Irish accent.

Mary Ansell Barrie/Peter’s Mother/Pirate Crew - Past
Ensemble. Female, 30-40 in appearance. 29 lines.
James’s wife. She is only onstage a few times, she represents a huge part of the claustrophobic, harsh, unloving life James leads in London that has caused him to return home. She is an actress, though it quickly becomes clear there is no real love between them, and she has likely wed him simply in the hopes of being cast as the star in all of his shows. She is cold, beautiful, controlling, and elitist in her mannerisms and speech. She does speak with a British accent. This actress will also be on stage very briefly later in the show as Peter’s Mother. Additionally, the ensemble role of Pirate Crew has no individual lines, and is merely on stage for energy and color.

Captain Hook/Deacon - Neverland
Ensemble. Male, 20-60 in appearance. 20 lines.
Though small, the role of Captain Hook is full of life. Here we see Hook as Peter first meets him, when he is yet known as Captain Rogers. This role if full of energy and life, and is required to sing a stanza of a pirate ballad (but it need not be done extremely well). He is the same spiteful, cruel and fabulous villain we have always known and should be given that full attention despite the short time on-stage. The same actor will also play the Deacon who is on-stage briefly in the first act, delivering the news of Davey’s drowning to James’s mother in a flashback. The Deacon speaks with a Scottish accent.

Young James/Michael Darling - Past
Ensemble. Male, 6-10 in appearance. 15 lines.
Young James is a small, but important and challenging role for a boy. He is part of our first look into James’s tragic past. This young actor will have to act through the drowning of Davey Barrie, and the aftermath of this with great emotion. He will also need to speak with a very slight Scottish accent. Additionally, he is on-stage briefly later in the show as Michael Darling during a barely visible moment.

Hanna Bell/Pirate Crew - Neverland
Ensemble. Female, 30-50 in appearance. 14 lines.
Hanna Bell is the “indomitable mother hen” of the Fairies, and serves as a mother figure for Peter in his youngest years. For two small scenes in Neverland, she bosses around the other Fairies, and makes sure that Peter has what he needs to grow well. She is also the mother of Tinker Bell, Adora Bell, Irresponsi Bell, and Impossi Bell. The ensemble role of Pirate Crew has no individual lines, and is merely on stage for energy and color.

Ned/Gerald Du Maurier/Pirate Crew - Neverland
Ensemble. Male, 20-30 in appearance. 14 lines.
Ned is the “slightly seedy” fiance of Liza, the nursemaid of Baby Peter, and is present when Peter is stolen by the Fairies. Does have an on-stage kiss with Liza. Ned speaks with a British accent. The ensemble role of Pirate Crew has no individual lines, and is merely on stage for energy and color. This actor is also part of the show’s Tech crew.

Liza/Mermaid/Pirate Crew - Neverland
Ensemble. Female, 20-30 in appearance. 13 lines.
Liza is the frantic nursemaid who is responsible for Baby Peter when he is stolen by the Fairies. Does have an on-stage kiss with Ned. Liza speaks with an Irish accent. The ensemble roles of Mermaid and Pirate Crew have no individual lines, and are merely on stage for energy and color. This actor is also part of the show’s Tech crew.

Wendy Darling/Adora Bell - Neverland
Ensemble. Female, 13-18 in appearance. 6 lines.
A very small role, Wendy Darling is only on-stage a short time towards the end of Act 2 for a few lines. Adora Bell is on-stage briefly for her two lines in Act 1. This actor is also part of the show’s Tech crew.

John Darling/Impossi Bell - Neverland
Ensemble. Male, 9-13 in appearance. 5 lines.
A very small role, John Darling is barely visible towards the end of Act 2 for his few lines. Impossi Bell is a non-speaking young fairy who is on-stage briefly in Act 1. This actor is also part of the show’s Tech crew.
Irresponsi Bell/Pirate Crew - Neverland

Ensemble. Male, 8-16 in appearance. 3 lines.
A very small role, Irresponsi Bell is simply a non-speaking young Fairy and the son of Hanna Bell, who is only on stage for a brief time. The ensemble role of Pirate Crew has no individual lines, and is merely on stage for energy and color. This actor is also part of the show’s Tech crew.

Ursula/Mermaid/Pirate Crew - Present
Ensemble. Female, 20-30 in appearance. 5 lines.
A very small role, Ursula in non-speaking, a woman in a bar who gives a flirtatious wave to Sean and then leaves. The ensemble roles of Mermaid and Pirate Crew have no individual lines, and are merely on stage for energy and color. This actor is also part of the show’s Tech crew.


No auditions currently scheduled at this time.