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The Studio

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Established in 2004, The Studio began as a social enterprise to enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities, but has grown to become an art gallery and workshop open to everyone in the community. Today, 32 South Central Ave in Downtown Medford buzzes with the creative energy of artists and musicians throughout the week. Artists’ talents are nurtured by Studio Director Dan Mish, a fine artist who has been featured in major U.S. galleries and in collections worldwide.

The Studio regularly exhibits fine art in galleries throughout Southern Oregon. Artists and their works are featured in the media, at art shows, and community celebrations. Studio artists have won competitions and have been awarded cash prizes, with their art displayed at the Smithsonian Institute and the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

Building on its success in the visual arts, The Studio began offering a music program in 2016. The School of Rock provides community members of all abilities an opportunity to explore the guitar and keyboard in a supportive learning environment at a very affordable price.

The Studio at Living Opportunities provides workshops, instruction and events to promote independence, individuality, creativity and an income for artists with a wide range of disabilities. We strive to share the unique talents of the artists through the belief that creative expression is the common thread that joins us all.

The Studio is located at 32 South Central Avenue in downtown Medford. For additional information regarding The Studio and how you can help, contact Dan Mish @ 541.261.5289.

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